Migration of a business critical on-premise solution to a cloud-based environment

ISx4 migrated a business critical on-premise solution to a technology refreshed open access cloud-based environment, for an AI Programme at a UK government agency. The new solution provides secure remote access to the safety insights, random & unstructured free text data, using Text Mining and Natural Language Processing to prevent and inform potential high-consequence events.


  • Legacy environment was non-resilient and vulnerable to a single point of failure.
  • A lack of processing capability, storage capacity, functionality, access and governance.
  • Legacy environment isolated from the internet, resulting in lengthy delays to updating software, package installation and upgrades.
  • Dated operating system leading to lack of support and vulnerable to security risks.
  • Desire to move from a standalone PC based working space to an open AI collaborative advanced analytics / AI environment
  • Unable to use the latest and greatest technology stack on the market.
  • Prevented collaboration between colleagues or access for third parties.


  • Architected a cloud-based solution for increased performance and elastic storage for the client’s analytic data needs and growth.
  • Administrative installation of licensed software on cloud infrastructure.
  • Refresh existing AI, ML and NLP software to include latest Dev Ops cloud functionality.
  • Zero touch CI CD data ingestion.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) implemented to provide extra security layer.
  • Implemented HTTPS with TLS protocol for communication, which provides encryption in transit with AWS Certificate Manager used to implement SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • Support via our custom, in-house support channel through our ISx4 website and email.


  • Obsoletion of the client’s not fit-for-purpose on-premise hardware and limited functionality software.
  • A fully architected custom cloud-based easily accessible AI solution with elastic storage and the ability to increase instance size for processing capacity.
  • Controlled release cycle for licensed software, upgrades, and installation of packages with dependencies.
  • Governance framework for reduced risk around security and changes to the environment.
  • ISx4 is providing ongoing support and maintenance of the infrastructure and software.