Innovative, personalised support model gives competitive advantage for Irish elite athletes

ISx4 have worked extensively to Design, Build, Modernise, Implement and Support a Boxing Analysis Dashboard. We implemented an innovative build and personalised support model which gave competitive advantage by maximizing system resources with minimum impact on resource costs.​


  • The project was driven by a desire to enhance the performance of elite athletes, and provide a competitive edge through the use of analytics to bring value and insights - the small percentages!
  • Our client felt that they were spending too much time focusing on the building of analytical reporting from the raw data generated from boxing tournaments
  • Gaps in their technical knowledge meant that a robust internally developed solution would have proved too difficult and time consuming to undertake
  • A lack of understanding of the available options to land at the best solution drove the need to engage with a professional services consultancy
  • The client's desire to include a level of self sufficiency was key to the success of the process design and final solution


  • Designed a data model that would drive the current analysis reporting and facilitate the development of further analytics
  • Built a tool that efficiently transforms the raw data into the reporting data model
  • Delivered a dashboard for the boxing coaches to have access to clear and informative data visuals relative to each athlete. See below


  • Import all bout data into a punch plot dashboard using the developed solution
  • Led the client through the process ensuring critical KPI targets were met throughout


  • Successful implementation of a fully functional, interactive and standalone solution to produce analysis dashboards from the captured raw data
  • Empowered the end client to own and flex the solution to deliver against their own internal bout specific priorities
  • Aid the boxing coaches to identify trends based on punches thrown and conceded dependent on their success, to provide analysis that can be used to improve the athletes' performances
  • ...Gold medals!