SAS® Viya® is a cloud-native AI, analytics and data management platform

The SAS® Viya® Overview provides a summary of how SAS® Viya® supports a business transformation and the SAS® Viya® Cloud Paper outlines how SAS® Viya® supports a multi-cloud strategy.

ISx4 has SAS® Viya® experts to provide consultative advice and guidance - we have been there done that and seen the results. While ISx4 are formal certified partners with SAS we remain vendor neutral and focused on our core competency area of analytics services delivery.

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Why SAS® Viya®

SAS® Viya® excels when analysis and modelling is required to be executed on large volumes of data. SAS® Viya® provides a wealth of analytical and AI capabilities including:
  • Fraud analytics and solutions, to eliminate and monitor potential threats (including the most common Supply Chain threats)
  • Risk analytics and solutions, to manage internal processes and to satisfy regulatory expectations (including Asset and Liability hypothesis modelling)
  • Analytical and Machine Learning interactive programming techniques to gain deeper business knowledge and automate manual processes (including Forecasting, Econometrics, Deep Learning, Gradient Boosting, Neural Networks, NLP and Optimisation)
ISx4 can provide advice and guidance to solve the following challenges with SAS® Viya®:
  • Design an analytics and AI platform to complement your data strategy to reduce processing times and improve analytical efficiencies
  • Integrate with existing data systems and policies to automate manual processes and execute in a secure cloud-native platform
  • Support the business challenges to manage and exploit, an analytics and AI platform
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Deploying SAS® Viya®

SAS® Viya® can be deployed in AWS, Azure, GCP and/or on-premises using your own cloud infrastructure or using ISx4 cloud services. Key decisions include:
  • The number of deployed instances and locations
  • The data sources to access
  • System integrations and the devops/modelops processes
  • Security and user access
  • Enablement and a centre of excellence to govern usage
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ISx4 Case Studies and Partnering

ISx4 are supporting a UK government department with its SAS Viya platform and its applications to deliver a SAS Fraud solution with a SAS Viya analytics and AI platform. ISx4 provide expertise to help with Strategy Creation, Solutions Implementation, Services Delivery and In-Life Support of all Analytics and Generative AI solutions and environments. ISx4 partner with the leading technology companies including and to deliver succesful outcomes. For more information of the types of work ISx4 have completed see the ISx4 Case Studies

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