Extensive & complex analytics platform to provide analytics leadership, direction and support

ISx4 have worked with a medium sized bank on its extensive & complex analytics platform to provide analytics leadership, direction and support through a three pronged process of stabilise, embed & enhance. Our service provides the customer with a bespoke analytics strategy, which we then, critically, deliver upon. It is widely understood to be an exemplar service within the bank and has set the bar for other service delivery vendors to aspire to.


Like many financial services organisations our client has seen strong growth in the demand for analytics functionality.

Previous to our engagement the client experienced:
  • Lack of Analytics direction
  • Lack of understanding in relation to what to do to help move up the food chain
  • Unsupported enterprise analytics platform
  • Performance Issues with their analytics environment
  • Unstructured analytics processes leading to potential audit & regulatory issues
  • Allied with an Increase in analytics demand due to regulatory requirements of IFRS9 and IRB
  • Unprecedented growth in the demand for data storage leading to rising costs
The client was facing growing demands from the business to support additional users and additional workloads for regulatory requirements. Provision of Subject Matter Expertise – The client needed direction in relation to some business focused problem areas. E.g., Risk & Customer Analytics, Fraud, Audit etc.


We listened to the customer and created a bespoke analytics readiness review & analytics strategy

We then moved to implement that strategy on 3 fronts

  • Analytics leadership, guidance & direction
  • Analytics platform support
  • Analytics application dev & support

We empowered and enabled the organisation to begin to own, deliver and support basic analytics services with their own team. Whilst providing the “direction of travel headlights” to help bring them to the next level on the analytics maturity model
We developed an Enterprise Analytics Support framework based on three key elements:

  • Stabilise: established a base level of Support and ensured no system down times.
  • Embed: established a Support framework
  • Enhance: Created a defined deployment process to support the Operating Model for analytics.

Provided Analytics Application Development and Support ensuring the customer maximised the investment in their analytics platform

Put in place an agile framework of on site consultants plus agile low cost off shore resources


  • Industry leading, multiple Award Winning analytics service
  • Significant growth in internal user population, end users (analytics consumers), and resultant return on investment figures
  • State of the art analytics operating model
  • Stable environment with a significant reduction in issues raised and an increase in up time
  • Single go to point of contact regarding all aspects of analytics
  • Enhanced performance through re-configuration and implementation of best practices
  • Internal analytics business functions working hand in glove with senior Analytics SMEs
  • Full end to end integration capability for vendor specific and open source analytics solutions to work seamlessly