Design, Build, Modernise, Implement and Support a validated SCE environment

ISx4 have worked extensively to Design, Build, Modernise, Implement and Support a validated SCE environment in a Life Science organization. We implemented an innovative build and personalised support model which gave competitive advantage by maximising system resources with minimum impact on critical clinical deliveries.


  • Lack of system stability & reliability
  • Data sharing challenges creating inefficiencies during workflow resulting in long delays
  • SCE system not current
  • System resource allocations and workload segregation not optimised for a Life Science Organization.
  • Shared support resource bottleneck resulting in delay and huge backlog of issues
  • Business negatively impacted by inadequate processing, support capability, instability and significant overhead of integration of other tools with System platform


  • Engage key business and IT stakeholders across the organization to understand the role of the business, current and anticipated business needs
  • Build SCE capable of accommodating maintenance releases without significantly impacting the business
  • Grid configuration designed to address:
    • Maximum utilisation of core based license between validated and non-validated resource allocation
    • Customised to support high and low usages during critical delivery period
    • Agile, efficient, high-available, and scalable system implementation
  • Dedicated expert worked proactively to minimise response time with unbiased consultation for future business need


  • Successful implementation of Grid based SCE system with reduced license cost and increased utilization
  • Business users empowered and educated with customised toolset to accurately plan and utilise Grid system to meet their business needs
  • Quick response operating model by implementing system monitoring & alerting
  • Stable environment with a significant reduction in issues
  • System fully configured to clients current needs to include defined process for future upgrades & new product integration
  • SOPs updated defined SPOC to resolve all integrated business tools with Systems