Cloud migration improves compliance outcomes and drives efficiency savings

ISx4 achieved increased detection and investigation capabilities for a UK government department by migrating data and services to a new cloud-hosted solution. End-to-end processes were enhanced providing significantly increased functionality while achieving efficiency gains.


ISx4's client is involved in identifying and investigating compliance breaches. Existing solutions lacked integration and had failed to keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape for obtaining and analysing data to deliver timely investigation results. Processes were inefficient, adding to running costs. Outcomes of investigations were not always conclusive due to the limitations on the data and the analysis.


We worked extensively with the client to assess their problems and determine the most suitable solution for them.

Existing government data and services were migrated to a new cloud-hosted service running Detection and Investigation for Government technologies. The service is delivered as an integrated PaaS allowing:

  • Citizen repayment risking (to identify non-compliance)
  • Batch scoring (alert generation)
  • Routing and visualisation
  • Presentation and network display

with additional self-service complex BI and Analytics capability hosted in the cloud.

The Scope included integration with existing and new government systems for:

  • Data Ingestion
  • Repayment Risking
  • Citizen Registrations & Variations Risking
  • Caseflow Integration
  • Electronic Folders Integration
  • Corporate Audit Warehouse Integration
  • File Upload / Download by Key Users
  • Reference File Download from Internet


  • the solution will lower the cost per investigation, while increasing the investigation success rate thus materially increasing the overall ROI for the government department
  • make better use of existing and new data sets in risking & compliance
  • provide a single, low latency, view of risk for a customer
  • provide all the information compliance officers need to produce risk assessments / cases
  • ensure no loss of capability from the baseline of existing solution