End to end restructuring, re-platforming and operating model transformation programme

ISx4 worked with a large European Financial Services Institution on an end to end finance and risk modernisation programme. Finance and Risk Architecture Alignment Initiative (FRAAI). The objective was to build a more effective and efficient finance, risk and regulatory reporting environment in parallel with the existing legacy environment, then, migrate and move to live.


  • Architect the restructuring, re-platforming and transformation of the entire finance and risk estate and operating model, to deliver an efficient regulatory compliant environment.
  • Creation and provision of finance and risk data management & techniques to include end to end lineage & governance.
  • Enterprise model risk management and process orchestration to promote transparency, traceability and automation.
  • Development of analytics forecasting activities for scenario-based capital planning & regulatory requirements.
  • Build out the complete End to End release management process to align with each of the 7 core business work streams onto each of the 7 environments in tandem with the programme plan, drivers and milestone objectives.


Developed a CICD RAT (Continuous Improvement Continuous Development – Release Automation Tool) using Python with operational functionality.

  • Analysed end to end flow – then designed and built an industry leading state of the art organic CICD RAT service.
  • Created new CICD operating model.
  • Promote BCBS 239 compliant solutions within FRAAI from SAS.
  • Build critical ETL flows and data marts to facilitate an efficient process flow.
  • Manage/maintain deployed code content, so that logs & dead code don’t accumulate.
  • Trigger and run flows in process manager.
  • Fully automated Test suite.
  • Ensured full open source & vendor specific CICD Integration.


  • Our CICD process is now the spine which allows the complete end to end FRAAI programme to breathe and evolve.
  • Significant programme cost savings through process efficiencies. (€100Ks).
  • Stable environment, reduction in issues, increased time to production, vendor specific, fully  automated & integrated, open source release management tool.
  • Additional Usages include; Server Upgrades, Maintenance Releases, Backups & Disaster Recovery Planning.