At ISx4 we drive Insight, Strategy, Solutions, Services & Support through Data Analytics and AI.

ISx4 deliver Insight through Analytics, AI, Strategy, Solutions, Services & Support.

We bring 30 years of industry experience to help derive competitive advantage by moving our clients from Hindsight, through Insight to Foresight.

We create, deliver and manage analytics solutions in all areas of the organisation to include Finance, Risk (including fraud, waste & abuse),  Customer Marketing, HR, IT, Audit, Logistics,  AML, ALM, Clinical Trials, Life Sciences and Platform Support.

Our services is increasingly relevant and in demand as analytics services become a core competency in every area of the business.

Customers & staff located throughout Europe. (UK, IRL, PRTGL, NL, IT, ESP, BELG)

ISX4 are formal certified partners with SAS, Anaconda, IBM, TORI Global, Hortonworks Cloudera, Microsoft and AWS. These strategic partnerships allow us to remain vendor neutral and focused on our core competency area of analytics services delivery.


“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted"


Services Offerings

At ISx4 we offer Insight, Strategy, Solutions, Services & Support through Data Analytics and AI. Our team of specialists are experts in all aspects of analytics and can help with Strategy Creation, Solutions Implementation, Services Delivery and In-Life Support of all Analytics and Generative AI solutions and environments.

Our Services Offerings are broken into 4 simple areas (Sx4)


Create a business aligned bespoke plan of action to achieve long term analytics benefits


Recommending analytics techniques, tools and technologies to derive customer insight


The provision of experienced SME and technical delivery implementation resources


The In-Life and BAU management and support of analytics solutions and environments

Our Approach

  • A technology and vendor agnostic approach to analytics.
  • Listen, Understand, Scope, Install, Implement & Deliver (LUSIID)
    • Self services analytics enablement within your organisation.
    • End to end managed services of analytics environment including interface touch point integration.
    • Bespoke point in time solutions delivery
    • Analytics resource augmentation


The drive to use analytics is affecting every business and every department within a business. Analytics is being used to drive 1-2-1 marketing campaigns, to identify fraud, to predict which servers in a data centre are about to fail, to predict what customer will leave and what product customers are more likely to make additional purchases. Analytics, today, is affecting people’s everyday lives and often in ways that people don’t realise – Amazon predicting what book you should buy next; the increasing use of personal assistants such as Siri. This impact is about to increase significantly as we move into the Internet of Things (IoT) era.

Whereas analytics used to be the role of a small IT group within a company, it is becoming more widespread, prevalent and crucial to the success of core business functions. This analytics strategy supports an organisations analytics vision to move from Hindsight into Insight and ultimately Foresight. Many companies are currently in the siloed analytics and business intelligence world where each business unit is autonomous. This leads to duplication of data, resources and a high dependence on IT for support and implementation.

An analytics vision aims to move an organisation towards higher levels of analytics maturity that is under-pinned by a governed data platform where end users are enabled and empowered to be analytically independent and self-serving. Many business units operate in their own silo and are swamped in spreadsheets and time consuming manual data operations. This analytics strategy aims to automate many of the manual data processes to allow users focus on gaining insights and ultimately moving to generating valuable business foresight.


Many companies struggle to implement an agile analytics solutions under a defined set of requirements. Most companies lack the availability of internal expertise to define and manage this from end to end, so finding a trusted solutions partner is critical.

Key considerations include

  • Knowledge. The right partner should be able to demonstrate use cases that are specific to your industry. Having an understanding of the business needs unique to your industry are important when it comes to implementing a big data analytics solutions that will generate useful insights.
  • Scale. Your partner should offer you a big data solutions that scales with your needs. This requires expertise in solutions architecture to ensure a platform that is flexible.
  • Services. Your partner should be with you from assessment to implementation and provide Insights, Strategy, Solutions, Services and Support (ISx4)

Your partner should also take data security as seriously as you do. The big data analytics solutions should be compliant with the rules and regulations specific to your industry. Your partner should be fluent in the specific data security challenges your company faces.

Finally, it can be easy to get bogged down with the volume of big data. The right partner knows that it is not the volume, but the value of the insights your big data analytics solutions can deliver that will provide your business with advantages. Your partner should be able to help you define clear and measurable goals upfront to better ensure project success.

This is where our experience and value add comes into play – we have been there done that and seen the results. That is why we will only provide best practice solutions advise and guidance. We will challenge your thinking.


The three primary steps to delivering analytics are:

  • Assess the level of Analytics Maturity
  • Create an Analytics Roadmap
  • Implement the Analytics Journey defined in the Roadmap

The Analytics Journey is summarised as follows:

The first step is an Analytics Readiness Review (ARR). The purpose is to assess where a business unit sits on the Analytics Maturity Model and to investigate and document how analytics can add value. An output of the ARR is an Analytics Roadmap. It documents the plan for delivering analytics; identifies suitable projects with associated actionable insights and decision points; identifies the skills required and the technology enablement required. The Analytics Delivery phase then follows. The first deliverable is often a Proof-Of-Concept/Value of one the analytics projects identified in the Analytics Roadmap.

The Analytics Maturity Model(AMM) is used as a guideline to assess the level of analytics maturity. The AMM provides an overview of the various levels of analytics maturity that exists across all organisations. It does not call out specific analytics techniques but rather sets out the types of analysis organisations perform and the competitive advantage that can be gained from increasing levels of analytical maturity.

The AMM lays out the various stages of analytics maturity within an organisation or department. The AMM provides the following:

  • a progressive plan from descriptive analytics and traditional BI reporting through to advanced analytics techniques
  • a movement from a rear looking focus on the past to forward future focus on recommending next best action as a result of prediction & optimisation
  • an analytics journey planner to help understand where analytics can take a business unit and the competitive advantages associated therein, for example, predicting what financial product a customer will buy next provides marketing and sales teams with opportunities.


Analytics In Life Support has 2 main focus areas:

  1. Support of the Analytics Environment / Platform
  2. Support of Analytics Application / Solutions

Once the initial analytics implementation is complete, the project becomes part of the business as usual process. All analytics projects follow a similar cyclical flow known as the Analytics Lifecycle. Unlike other IT projects, analytics projects usually have a shorter lifespan. For example, an analytical model to predict customer churn will typically need modification or refreshing after 12 -18 months (or sooner depending on external factors).

Case Study



ISx4 have worked with a medium sized bank on its extensive & complex analytics platform to provide analytics leadership, direction and support through a three pronged process of stablise, embed & enhance (…)

  • Analytics leadership
  • Direction and support


ISx4 achieved increased detection and investigation capabilities for a UK government department by migrating data and services to a new cloud-hosted solution. End-to-end processes were enhanced providing (...)

  • Detection & investigation
  • Cloud based solution


ISx4 have worked extensively to Design, Build, Modernise, Implement and Support a Boxing Analysis Dashboard. We implemented an innovative build and personalised (...)

  • Innovative, personalised support
  • Data analytics dashboard


ISx4 have worked extensively to Design, Build, Modernise, Implement and Support a validated SCE environment in a Life Science organization. We implemented an innovative build (...)

  • Design, Build, Modernise
  • Implement and Support


ISx4 worked with a large European Financial Services Institution on an end to end restructuring, re-platforming and operating model transformation programme for the entire Finance and Risk estate (…)

  • End to end restructuring
  • Re-platforming


ISx4 migrated a business critical on-premise solution to a technology refreshed open access cloud-based environment, for an AI Programme at a UK government agency (...)

  • Cloud Based Environment
  • Text Mining and Natural Language Processing



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What Clients Say.....


“You and the team deliver an exceptional services - so much better than we could have initially expected, and it now sets the bar for all our other services providers to follow."
"Your industry expertise and breadth of knowledge is remarkable, as is your willingness to share this perspective. ISx4 is a pleasure to interact with. Any company seeking analytics insight will be well served by engaging with ISx4."
“We really appreciate your level of depth of understanding and how you have aligned that to our business - we are already seeing huge benefits from this services."


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